Direct Cremation : The Facts

When someone dies

What is a 'Direct Cremation'?


Put simply, a 'Direct Cremation' is where the body is cremated without a funeral service. The cremation is arranged by the Funeral Director and the coffin is transported to the crematorium without ceremony. Once the cremation has taken place, the Cremated Remains can either be scattered or returned to the family. Other than completing the relevant paperwork and paying for the cremation, the family have no involvement and do not see the deceased in the Chapel of Rest.



'Pure Cremation', 'Simplicity Cremations', 'Distinct Cremations', how are they different?


Each of these companies may market it slightly differently, but essentially what they are offering is a Direct Cremation.

'Simplicity,' for example, is a trading name used by Dignity plc.  



How is a Direct Cremation different from a funeral service?


A Direct Cremation should not be seen as a cheaper alternative to a more traditional type of funeral service. There are very significant differences between the two. 

 With most Direct Cremation options there is no opportunity to view someone in the Chapel of Rest and there is no funeral procession with hearse and limousines because there is no funeral service of any kind. With a traditional funeral service, family and friends are invited to attend to pay their respects and there is often a eulogy, music and increasingly a video tribute where family photos are displayed alongside favourite pieces of music. It should not be underestimated how attending a funeral service of a loved one can support you through your grief and help to bring some closure to the loss you may feel.  


Why is a Direct Cremation cheaper than a Traditional Funeral Service?


To carry out traditional funerals correctly is labour intensive and involves specialist facilities, vehicles and equipment as well as highly skilled and dedicated staff. Our quality fleet of vehicles must be maintained to the highest standards and embalming and other procedures are performed daily in our modern mortuary facilities. Even when our offices are closed our staff must be available 24/7 to respond to deaths in the community. A dedicated Funeral Arranger is on hand to support each family and a Funeral Conductor and multiple bearers are required to carry out each Funeral Service supported by our florist and other service providers. Ministers and Celebrants provide additional and on-going support - often meeting family members to help them put their feelings into words as a eulogy. 


A Direct Cremation involves far less of this and that is reflected in the price people pay.  


Should I choose a Direct Cremation?


At A & A Walters we are to here to support you whatever type of funeral you choose and are more than happy in helping you to arrange a Direct Cremation through our Sister company 'The Little Funeral Company.' It should be remembered, however, that a Direct Cremation is right for some but not all. No one likes attending a funeral, but that isn't reason enough for not having one. A funeral is often an essential part of the grieving process, and by marking someone's passing demonstrates respect and appreciation for one's life; something that people are deprived of where no service takes place. And remember, a funeral can be made as personal and unique as you choose it to be. There is no reason why a funeral must be a sad and depressing affair - but one of celebration for a life well lived. 


Who are 'The Little Funeral Company'?


'The Little Funeral Company' is a Sister company to A & A Walters. It is owned and operated by the same people from the same premises. For the reasons we have already outlined, Direct Cremations are very different from Traditional Cremations and because of this we felt that it was important to make this distinction for families who choose to opt for a Direct Cremation service. It is for this reason that we created 'The Little Funeral Company. Find out more about 'The Little Funeral Company' by going to our dedicated Direct Cremation website 


Why should I choose 'The Little Funeral Company' to carry out a Direct Cremation?


  • Trusted by the Community  ~ As an long-standing, family owned business you can be confident that we will carry out your wishes, just as we would with a traditional funeral service and that your loved one will be cared for with dignity and respect.
  • Local & Independent ~ As a local and independent company you can expect a higher level of care and support, before, during and following a funeral service than you could expect to receive from a large national company.
  • Families come first ~ We don't answer to shareholders and so we can continue as we always have done, by putting your family first.



Is a Direct Cremation my only choice if I can't afford a traditional funeral?


Traditional funerals can be expensive, but they don't have to be. You should only choose a Direct Cremation because that was the wishes of your loved one rather than because of cost.

If you are in receipt of benefits from the Department of Work and Pensions you may be eligible towards funeral costs, but even if this is not the case we can tailor a fitting funeral service for your loved one. Our 'Simple Service' for example, is an attended service and with a range of options designed to suit all budgets.