Unique Funerals For a Unique Life

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"


- Oscar Wilde

Each of us is the product of our life experiences, ambitions, our achievements and interests.


No two people are the same. We are unique, so why not celebrate that uniqueness...

There are many ways - some simple, others requiring more thought which can be done to make a loved one's funeral service more individual.


Allow us to support you in making the funeral service extra special.

Music Choice



Is there a favourite song or one that sums up your feelings? Perhaps it is the music from their 'first dance' or simply an uplifting piece which makes you smile or think of happier times. Tell us what you would like to hear and we will do the rest. 

Personalised Service Sheets



We have a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs to choose from, but as all our service sheets are designed and printed in-house we can fully customise the service sheets to your specification. 

Tribute Site



Whenever we are asked to submit a funeral notice to the Express & Star Newspaper we will also create a Funeral Notice on our website here. This notice can easily be converted into a Tribute Page enabling family and friends to upload photographs, messages of support and 'light' remembrance candles on-line. If you have opted not to have a formal announcement in the local press, but would still like us to create a Tribute Page on your behalf then please ask for this service which we provide at no additional charge.



Did your loved one have a musical talent? Perhaps they enjoyed gardening, or were obsessed about football - other team colours available! A coffin doesn't have to be plain wood, (although we also have a wide selection of those to choose from too.)


If you want to raise a smile and make a statement, we can design a coffin to match a huge range of interests. We can even produce a design based on a selection of family photographs. Are you looking for a special cremated remains casket to keep? These can be personalised in just the same way.


Would you prefer something with a more natural look? How about a hand-made Wicker, Bananna Leaf, or Seagrass coffin which is perfect for a woodland burial. Alternatively, 'American Style' sealed metal caskets are also available in a range of colours and styles and are suitable for burial. 




Traditionally mourners have worn black for a funeral service, (see our page on funeral etiquette,) but increasingly people are being asked to wear a favourite colour. Mention it to us at the time of arranging the funeral and if we can we will co-ordinate our ties to suit.

What could be a more personal and fitting tribute to your loved one than a movie of family photographs and recorded mobile phone footage expertly edited and set to favourite pieces of music? We offer a range of 'Moving Tribute'  packages starting from just £75.00 all of which include video hosting so that you can view your tribute anywhere at any time. 

In addition we can provide a 63" HDTV with display stand should you wish to show your 'Movie Tribute' in pride of place at a wake following the funeral service. 

Dove Release

Following a funeral service we can arrange for Doves to be released in memory of your loved one. Just ask us and it's done.

Alternative Hearses


In addition to our luxury Jaguar XJ fleet, our Vintage and Horse-Drawn Hearse (in black, white or silver,) we have access to a range of specialist vehicles to transport your loved one on their final journey.  These include (but are not restricted to) Harley Davidson Motorcycle and Sidecar Hearse, Vintage Lorry, VW Camper Van, Land Rover Defender, Morris Minor Traveller and Vintage Rolls Royce.